Chain Link Fence

Your new Chain Link Fence built by Jon's Fencing will add a great new look to your backyard! The best part about your new Chain Link Fence is that not only are our fences visually appealing, we only build strong fences so they're long lasting. With a variety of customization options and colors to choose from, you can bring whatever vision you have for your backyard to life. Our fences only come from the best suppliers in Canada and they are the number ONE supplier of Chain Link Fences in Canada.

Why Our Chain Link Fence Is Meant For You!

  • Low maintenance

  • High strength

  • Very hard to vandalize

  • Least expensive

  • Provides security


Height: 4 - 12 foot

Wire Gage: 9 - 11

Post distance: 8 FT

Post type: Square, circle

Material: Galvanized or vinyl

Colors: Black, Silver or Colored

Built in customization's: Built in flower pots

Vinyl covering: For privacy

Gate lock type: Latch lock (pull a lever to unlock), magnet locks (Holds in using magnets, pull or push gate to unlock)

Customization Options

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Vinyl covering